I was reading this review on the new movie Kuruvi starring Ilaya Thalapathi (Young Lieutenant) Vijay on behindwoods. More than half way through the review I realized that it sounded almost exactly similar to a local version of Blood Diamond! I am literally shocked at the fact that Dharani who was remaking all hit telugu movies has decided to copy Hollywood! And who can be better than Vijay to do the lead role?! Vijay always acts in remade or stolen scripts so that he never fails. I am sure he has no guts to experiment! And, for this fact alone I prefer Ajit to Vijay. I hope I don’t hear Vijay fans comparing his ‘excellent’ acting skills with those of Leonardo de Caprio!

Yours Skeptically,


P.S. I was/am/will-always-be a die-hard Kamal Fan!

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