I got pissed off with the lack of entertainment during the day in the month of May. The evenings are taken care of by the Indian Premier League. The daytime is, however, a suicidal bore! I decided to download some recent old Tamil movies and watch them and learn how to write reviews and how to judge films. I also decided to start off by downloading Billa 2007. I got hold of a torrent from seedpeer and started downloading. Given that I’m on BSNL limited plan, I download only form 2 AM to 8 AM everyday. The download goes well from 2 AM to about 7 AM. Suddenly something happens and my download speed comes down to below 1kbps. There was a funny thing that I noticed here. On the first day, I had put the file for download only at around 6 40 AM IST. As usual it started off at 50kbps and then almost zeroed down at 7 AM IST. Here’s the funny part. The upload rate alone continued to be  above 65kbps for the entire session.  And, there were about 20 seeds and 1 PEER! I had only downloaded some 59MB! How can my torrent keep uploading the 59MB at a greater speed for a longer duration to only ONE SEED?

Yours Skeptically,


P.S. I hope to be able to download Sivaji DVD RIP next. :D

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