Hey folks!

I've almost literally stopped blogging. I wouldn't be justified in saying I couldn't find the time. So, I'll just admit I got lazy and settled for micro-blogging and social networking instead. If you're known me for a while and if you've noticed the number of times the word 'I' appears in the above lines, you'll know I haven't changed much! 

The last 6-8 months have been a Pandora's box of sorts, what with all kinds of things happening on the personal and the professional fronts. They've led me to see almost everything and everyone in a completely different way. 

First, the thing that has struck me the most has been the influence that the security of having money brings onto the enthusiasm with which we approach anything. Let me admit things. I've had it relatively easy in life. I've always gotten whatever I needed. Not wanted, but needed. Never before have I seen such stark differences between people's wants and their needs. All the talents that people have, all their skills and their experience suddenly cuddle into a ball and harden up when there is a threat to their normal lifestyle. Almost as if life was entirely transactional. 

Now, I'm no thinker myself. Neither do I have a lot of experience having life the tough way. But I think I would put up my toughest fight when faced with a threat to my existence. And, that I would roll up all my skills and attempt to use them in the best way to save myself. The idea of acquiring and/or possessing skills would be utterly defeated if they wouldn't come to your help when you're in an appropriate situation! This indirectly extends to defeat the whole purpose of education. 

Second, the so-called 'smart' folks always keep advising on quitting at the right time. But the validity of that theory is highly restricted. It's often very easy to give up and move on. It's sometimes even fashionable to move on. But how many times have we stopped to notice the guys that didn't quit and move on? There's every chance that they're living a life that's far more prosperous than the guys that quit and moved on. The ROI of not quitting or giving up is that, ten years later, people would still respect you genuinely. Even if they've made more money than you ever could. Even if they've reached heights you never thought of.

If you persist hard enough, not-giving-up can be as easy as giving up! Or maybe even easier! So, roll up your sleeves, get out there and put up your toughest fight, every single day. 

Yours Occasionally,

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