I had done a small write-up on people who had influenced me, my attitude and my career. This is just a follow up to that. There were a few more people who deserved a mention but didn’t strike me at that time. So, here goes.


Sathya has been known to me for a long time from the good ol’ Rapture days but not beyond a “hi-hello” rapport. Recently we came to know each other quite well and I realized what like-minded fellows we were! We almost think alike, act alike. We even decided to get together and have a start-up to gain some exposure! But then, all that put aside, Sathya is a great humane worth knowing in all senses. Very humble as well. Somehow, he never gives in to allegations of him being in love with a certain fair-skinned female from my college.

Raja Marthandan:

Raja, again, has been known to me for not more than 2 months. But the rapport I share with him is like that of knowing him for ages. The fact is that he’s pretty humble and jovial for the position he occupies. He’s the Head of Corporate Communications for Southern India for Adlabs’ BIG FM. He’ll look as if he’s straight out of college but he’s been in Public Relations for over 4 years! I went and spoke to him about public relations as a career but he ended up giving me a clear perspective of advertizing and journalism as well! All that over a coffee table at his office! Not only that, even after that episode he’s managed to stay in touch and listen to all my ramblings! I help him out with his internet marketing/PR in whatever little amounts I can whenever possible. Great guy to know!

My Gang in College:

I do have to attribute a good deal of my college life fun to this gang of people consisting of Raja Deepak, Sundar, Navneeth, Navneeth, Rafi and Praveen. Be it the time we sit in the stone benches to gaze at passing females or the time we sit together and play hangman in class or the time we do other unmentionable things in college, There has never been a dull moment with these guys around. A Special mention has to go to Nithin for making the long bus journey interesting throughout the last year. A special mention also has to go to my Dept staff for giving me that extra bit of liberty in running around the department and not attending class at all. I doubt I would’ve gotten this privilege had I studied in some other reputed college.


I’ve known this female for not more than 3 months. The only common topic with her was my MBA, I thought. But I was in for a surprise. There was a lot more to her than I thought! A very versatile personality. I can remember the times when we sat together to choose which course she should take up and which institute. Loads of fun! A well read, well behaved person. Many thanks to Kalaivani for referring me to Pavithra!πŸ˜€

That’s about it I guess. I don’t think there’s anyone I left. If I remember someone I left out, a new post will feature them.