There has been the controversy about the cheerleaders in the IPL who have dressed in an exemplary manner. We need to appreciate the lack of self consciousness in them! I am told that unlike in India and other third World countries, the flesh show exhibited by these ‘cheerleaders’ isn’t due to their family’s poor financial status. They are well off in most cases. Why this uncouth way of making money then? I don’t understand too!

Next, I want to find out as to why there’s so much hue and cry over one’s dressing rights and the rights being stripped off the cheerleader females. I think they’re being stripped of something else, not the rights. For all of you who think it’s one’s right to dress in whatever way one wants to, try running nude on the road one day. It’s most likely that you’ll be arrested by cops for public nuisance. For heaven’s sake, this is not a violation of one’s right to dressing!

It’s about obscenity alright. But about obscenity in the wrong context! It is a cricket match series. Why is there a flesh show on the side? What is the purpose that the spectators are sitting in the stadium? Is it for the match or for the flesh show? If it’s for the match, they can do without the flesh show! If it’s for the flesh show, they can find exclusive places for that purpose outside the city. They don’t need to be searching for that in a cricket stadium!

I also do not agree that citing Khajuraho temples as an example and trying to get away is right! Khajuraho temples were built for that exclusive purpose of the sexual elements of the religions of Hinduism and Jaininsm. They were not places built in the middle of a family entertainment park or a family restaurant or a family shopping mall!

They were meant to be watched by adults to learn the various facets of sex life! Even today, when one goes to Khajuraho, there will be moral police waiting to say that it’s not advisable for children. I can assure you that. But beyond that, if you’re determined to explain the facets of sex life to your three year old kid, nobody can do anything! I’m only saying that cheerleaders are being placed in the wrong environment for their flesh show! A cricket stadium is not the place for flesh show!

If you go on saying that all this is part of the cultural shift, accept a few other things also. Then I won’t find anything objectionable in cheerleader costumes. Accept love marriage, inter-caste marriage, sex before marriage, living together, public kissing, same-sex marriage and the like. I’ll shut my mouth and won’t say anything about cheerleader costumes!

If you’re trying to adopt western culture, it’s always welcomed! But do it in totality! Don’t take the parts you want and conveniently avoid the rest! Be Black or White, Don’t try to be Grey!

Yours Skeptically,


P.S. Don’t make the IPL, the Indian Perverts’ League instead of Indian Premier League.