Hey folks,

I’ve gotten this sudden obsession with attending off-beat workshops that give you new ways of looking at things in life. I’m even putting aside a sum of money as reserve for my workshop spending.

I’ve been exposed to a few such initiatives after meeting Milind, namely LIFE Academy and The Landmark Forum. I have not tried both of them but will do so in the near future, once I can afford them!

Milind started a group (early this year) called Career Cats Chennai which focuses on exposing young corporate professionals to business skills like workplace dynamics, when and why to switch jobs, negotiation skills, how best to sell themselves & land offers and more. As part of the group’s activities, there would be 2 interesting mini-workshops, one each, on June 13th and 14th 2009.

The first workshop (on June 13th 2009) would be on Creating Off-beat Resumes. It is said that the average time that a recruiter spends on a resume is less than 10 minutes. Given the economic slowdown and related business pressures, this could come down to even 3-4 minutes. I have always believed that a good, consistent and clear personal brand is the best way to land a coveted job. In that sense, a resume would be the first-point formal expression of one’s personal brand. You can make it look like any other resume, namely a collection of facts and numbers about yourself. Or, you can make it look like an outright advertisement selling yourself. The difference is a bit subtle and, probably, I’m not getting it through very accurately. I’m sure you’d have all seen ‘Data Sheets’ and ‘Brochures’ of Cell-phones. This is kinda like that. The idea it to make both available but subtly promote the brochure more. 🙂

The second workshop (on June 14th) would be on Cracking Job Interviews. To most of us, this will sound like a highly cliche’d idea. But, trust me. It need not always be. If you’ve had my experiences, you’d probably know that an interview is not just about landing the job alone. There is a lot more to it. I don’t want to talk more on this because I might well be intruding into the content of the workshop. 😛

Both the workshops will be delivered by Milind and would be highly focussed, result-oriented, lateral stuff.

I’d be glad to send you more information about the workshops, the venue, the costs et al if you’re interested. Just put a comment on this post and indicate your email ID.

Yours Skeptically,


P.S. I am planning to organise a lecture series, soon. Just looking for a few things to crystallize. More info on that in a separate post.