Hey folks,

To kick start my new Posterous blog, I've decided to write short posts about folks I meet in life or have met in life.

This first one is about a few (quite a few, rather!) people I've met in life purely due to chance, in 2009.

It's a little hard to believe I've known Vinay for less than a year. He's the 'typical guy' in most contemporary senses of the word. Smart, casual, fun-loving, IT employee, lot of girlfriends. You name it, he has it. Apart from all that, he designs websites and works with my non-profit & with community managed events like TEDx Chennai. Sometimes, he's a little too irresponsible but at the end of the day, he gets things done. Vinay is the first guy on the list for all my 'fun' weekends and meetups. He's also responsible for putting me onto the next person in this list, Krithika. 
Krithika Narayanan:

Krithika is one of the few girls I've seen with a very strong, very clear thought process. She's brutally frank (ouch!) and loves to have fun with friends et al. The vinay type (minus brutally frank), you see. She's got a deep sense of control over emotions and is easily one of the most emotionally and ideologically stable people in my age group that I've seen. She knows someone everywhere and would never hesitate to help, if she can do it. Oh, and, she's a PR Professional, btw.

Rathish Babu:

Annathe, as I call him, is the CEO of Access Atlantech (the company that runs SAE College in India). But, he'll very easily pass off as your family member. Rathish has that amazing quality of getting close to you in no time by making you feel very comfortable in his presence. He's also the single best 'salesman' I've ever seen, if I may use that word. There's never a dull moment when he's around (he actually managed to crack us all up even during the tense final days before TEDx Chennai!). A thorough gadget freak, he'll own almost any gadget you would crave for! (Damn! I know!). On a slightly more serious note, he is sure to have a solution to any issue you might have in life. 

Rajasekar Nonburaj:

Raja is the backbone behind TEDx Chennai and is probably the most procedurally-perfect man I've seen till now, considering only my generation. Raja will easily pass off as the random college student you see in Thamizh movies today but he's a Business Intelligence consultant! A meticulous hardworker, mokkai joke teller, social media addict (yay!) and a Blackberry owner (damn!). He's also the brain behind Chennai's Themed Tweetups, soon-to-be launched themed micro-forums. He's the first guy (apart from Kiruba) that I met on the TEDx team! 

Benedict Gnaniah:

Benny is supposed to be an advertising and branding veteran, a media marketing maverick, a connouisuer of culture and a proud dad. But he's way way more! He's a man of ideas, crushes, total thought clarity and contacts! He'll give you a run for your money when 'pitching to babes' and might even win in the end. He takes hidden anecdotes from mythology and interprets them in totally kick-ass ways to prove his points. And, more often than not, the interpretations are genuinely convincing! He's the "How-To" and "Where-To" man at TEDx Chennai. He REALLY knows how to do almost anything and where to find what in Chennai!

Vaishnavi Srivathsan:

Vaish, as I call her, is a little kid who's currently studying at IIT Madras. Having said that, we wouldn't wanna talk about her merits any further. (Typical Indian Mindset, she'd say!) In reality, however, she's a lot more than any random student. Not because she's from IIT M but because she IS a lot more. From what I've seen, she could be termed a selective-introvert-extrovert. She's got a great sense of logic and is good at identifying opportunities in life. She sings really well and is, hereby, responsible for putting me to sleep when I've got insomnia! 😛

Radhika Radhakrishnan:

Rads is a typical happy-go-lucky female. She's really efficient at what she does and is really fun to work with. She will not commit on anything unless she's absolutely convinced she can do her best in it. And, hey, she's a Social Media Analyst already! 😛

Jokes apart, Rads has good insight on visual media and, in my most honest opinion, would have a star-studded career in Media Investment Management. We've known each other for barely 3 weeks but it feels like we've known each other for years!

Saranyan Narayanan:

Saran is probably the closest match to me in college, in terms of attitude, vettiness etc. He's one of those typical vetti guys who'd sit down and gaze at a spider for hours together but won't waste time on the 'My Cat Just Rolled Over' types of conversations that my class mostly indulges in. We talk about so many things ranging from Jesus Christ to lolcat. It's so much fun in college with this guy around. He's also my official co-delegate in most conferences. I've started doodling on my notebook after taking inspiration from Saran's amazing doodles and graffiti art. Fun apart, Saran is a highly balanced, cautious, cool-headed fellow with an amazing sense of humor and compassion for fellow Earthlings. 

Sameer Bharat Ram:

Sameer is one of the guys that Randomness has lead me to in recent times. He runs his own Brand Consulting company and is total fun to work with! More so because he's an alumnus of my institute and has been through almost everything I'm going through now! I really enjoy the 'residual' conversations that I have with Sameer and his colleague, Mihir. Totally ROTFL, I tell you! Apart from that, Sameer is very insightful and can see the truth through any number of artificial layers. The only thing I hate about him is that he refuses to talk anything on phone/GTalk. Always calls you to his office. That's a real turn-off for stupid lazy assholes like me. Dude, please change. Try to work online! 😛

Felix Chandran:

If you've never seen a non-IITian geek before, please tell me. I'll set up a meeting for you with Felix. And, I'm sure he'll wow you. Felix is one of the most productive people I've seen in life. Give him an idea one late-evening and he'll give you creative design solutions the next morning. So much that you'd need atleast 2 days to choose one from them! He'll work on cloud computing, open source software, film making, photography, graphic design, vfx, certification programs, user interface design and many more AND will have time for a vetti evening at Subway! He's such an interesting guy to work with and will pass on a lot of his enthusiasm to you, seamlessly! Yes, he's also the guy who names his gadgets. His Canon D500 (some kick-ass camera) is called Emily and his swanky desktop at home is called Rachel! 


That'll be all for the first part. There are atleast 13-15 more people I'd like to write about but that shall happen in subsequent posts. I'm writing this as 2009 is about to end. 

Yes, 2009 will end. But not my memories of it. Not the friends I've made this year. Not the work I've done this year. The best is yet to come, though. 2010, it shall be! 

Yours Skeptically,


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