Hey folks,

I realize that it's been a really long time since I posted something on this blog. Facebook and Twitter (to an extent) have taken up most of my free time on the Internet. 

Now, I thought it's high time I wrote something here. Naturally, this post has no specific purpose. I just thought I'd vent my mind here so that I start thinking clean once again. 

A lot of good things have happened since I posted on this blog the previous time. I've now learnt how to be nice to a lot of people irrespective of how 'politically safe' they are with me. I must admit it was difficult to make that shift from the traditional 'Prashanth Krishnaswami' to what I am now. I'm sure all those folks who've known me for a year or more would agree. 

Courtesy Rathish, I've also learnt how to remain inquisitive about almost everything in life and how to learn something everyday. As a result, I've also gotten more open towards accepting others' ideas. I'm sure Vaish would disagree but she can afford to. She's my cute little sister, after all! :P

Work has been going fine and I've matured a lot in terms of managing business relationships. I did have to take a lot of advise from folks I respect but it was well worth the time spent. 

Two of my ideas, for which I had earmarked some time, haven't managed to get off the drawing board. But, I guess that's OK considering the fact that I've learnt valuable lessons from whatever little I worked on them.

A handful of bozos, over 2 to 2.5 times my age, are giving me a really hard time in life now. I presume I know the way out of any situation I've gotten myself into. But, I realized today that I'm still a big fat wimp. I'm not really capable of standing against a crowd of lobbyists for a cause that I believe in. I would advise you, though, not to generalize this statement. It applies to only a particular context. Those that know the context will know my weakness too. 

The last 2 weeks have been dry in terms of vetti fun meeting folks here and there. Have been wanting to meet Hannah, Sameer, Milind, Vinay, Srinath, Srinath, Vaish, Teal, LVS, the TEDx ghumbhal, Raja and a few more folks. I miss you guys a lot in life and am craving to catch up sometime!

My Nokia E63 is now 32 days old and she's literally blown me away. I love the UI and the overall speed. For once, I have nothing to crib about my phone! 

Veeri came down for a couple of weeks and we managed to catch up with him one fine sunday night. Was nice fun catching up with Abhi, Axe, Arvind and Veeri after a looooooooong time! We took tonnes of photos and some of them have even made their way into FB

The ubuntu on my laptop has kinda crashed and I'm now using Windows XP. I know it's #fail and I promise to get back to ubuntu asap!

It's the final part of the post where I give out hi5's and hugs to people. I start with a hug for Vaish, for being that amazing sister I've always wanted in life. Hi5's to Michael Jackson Mandayan, Bonnika ma'am, Rathish, Vinay, SnicksBoss, Vj, Kenny and Virus. Hugs to Hannah, Srieks, Teal, Pavi, Poorna, Sandhya and my mom, for being there when I needed some smiles and a few encouraging words. 

If all goes well in the next 3 weeks, I should have enough things on my mind to write 2-3 posts! Lemme just hope it turns out that way!

Yours Skeptically,

P.S. The German title for this post is because I'm now addicted to Rammstein, thanks to Saranyan!

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