Hey folks,
I just thought I'd review a few Facebook pages that I casually stumbled upon and found worthy of a review.
I'm beginning the series with a review of the Ching's Secret page on Facebook. With over 112000 people as fans, this is undoubtedly one of India's most populated brand pages on Facebook.
A little history about Ching's Secret. It is manufactured and marketed by this company called Capital Foods. It was launched in 1996 (!!!) by the company and has been in the market ever since. It appears to have started out wth instant noodles and now offers a wide gamut of products (soups, sauces, frozen food etc).
So, how did this relatively unknown brand manage to outsmart well known others to get so much popularity? The answer is not very simple and definitely not very objective in nature.
The first thing that really hit me was that the page has not been tweaked at all! No custom tabs! No embedded apps/widgets! Nothing! The mere fact that Ching has used only direct textual content to 'talk' to its fans is fascinating enough! How many brands have done that? I am sure they can be counted finitely! How many Indian brands? I am tempted highly to think this could be the first one at this scale!
I am also tempted to believe that Chings got a little lucky here. I am fairly sure that any brand that repeats this strategy might not get even half the success!
Looking into the finer details, Chings posts atleast one update on a daily basis. That doesn't really sound like a strategy at first sight. But it seems to have worked out as a constant stream of fan engagement. Chings surely posts one quiz question on every altenate day. Questions are mostly relating to food and China. But they are neither too mundane nor too difficult. Answers are announced at the end of the comments section.
Apart from quizzes, Chings also posts recepies. Most of these are accompanied by links pointing to videos of the recepies. This makes it much much easier for fans to relate to the instructions in the recepie. Chings' recepies necessarily use Chings products. As a result of this, fans get to know of the various product offerings even at the flavour-variant level.
Once in a while, a simple contest is organized where fans complete a slogan to win a gift hamper from Chings.
This has been done for a fairly long while (I'm not sure how long!), I presume. Being a pretty small company, Chings hasn't really done anything in the real world on a national scale. This, I'm fairly sure, would limit their success not very far from now.
More later.
Yours Skeptically,

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