Hey folks,

I've been a bit busy having fun lately, thanks to some really nice people at my workplace! Now, I'm sure all of you know that I'm a student and am trying to work on a small-little research project.

After pondering over quite a few ideas, and after having been inspired by Jono Bacon, I've zeroed in on a very simple and clear project. I'm doing an exploratory study (Click here!) on whether Social Media influences the decision of buyers w.r.t the small-car segment in India. I'm also trying to study the degree of influence to see if there is some difference in the degree with differences in age, income, location, gender, occupation etc. Why small cars? Because it seems to be the fastest growing segment in the Indian Auto market. Why Auto? Because I wanted to explore and understand if people used the Internet to find reviews on anything pricey except gadgets!

Some auxiliary facts like 'How credible is Social Media perceived to be by various age groups' and 'Distribution of more capable hand-held devices across age groups' are also likely to be chased too! You probably might not understand how I'd do all that now. Please take the survey once and I'm sure you'll get a better picture.

Also, I've tried to see how many responses I can get from people that are either acquaintances or not known to me at all. That, I believe, is where the real success of this project lies. Putting the link up on my Facebook wall and on my LinkedIn status box will bring in responses from those that are well known to me. Some might even fill the survey because they might want to support me in whatever I do.

But, I firmly believe that the Indian Social Media community itself is highly cohesive and supportive towards all community-driven activities. I'm writing this post hoping to introduce a small initiative in the Indian Social Media Ecosystem.

Folks, I'm asking you to re-blog this post on your respective blogs. To do so, please copy paste this entire post and format it on your blog as an annotation (either by making it italics or by using the " function on your blogs). Please help me in initiating and running an avalanche on the Indian Social Media ecosystem. I am certain that the experience would be nothing less than exciting! So, if you're an Indian and you have a blog, please re-blog this post and show the World what the Indian Social Media Community can do!

Thanks to all you ever-supportive, ever-collaborative folks!

Yours Socially,

P.S. Yes. I've signed off differently this time. Change is here! Let's hope it's here to stay!

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