Life’s largely been a bag of surprises in recent times. A lot of them have been pleasant but some have also been a little, for lack of a better phrase, not-very-pleasant.

She’s one of the pleasant surprises. Neither did I take any serious initiatives towards a surprise of that nature nor did I even stop to think it would be within the horizon.

I’ve had an acquaintance with her when I was working at Access Atlantech. We’ve had quite a few brief encounters but nothing that stood out distinctly. I’ve worked more extensively with some of her friends. And, I’ve had some scathing remarks to make about some of them too.

Nonetheless, we’ve gotten to know each other slowly but steadily. We’ve had to change ourselves quite a bit to suit each other. But it hasn’t been the least bit tedious or uncomfortable.

She’s smart, doesn’t bother too much about things in general and is knowledgeable. Our conversations have always been enjoyable for both of us. She makes my life so easy and we love spending time with each other.

So, I think it’s time I said the quintessential line. Yes, she’s the one. You can connect with her here.

Yours Happily,